Traveling Home

Thursday, February 13, 2014

        I was so nervous about traveling with a newborn during flu season.  We were armed with clorox wipes and lots of purell.  We headed to the airport with our 3 suitcases, 2 back packs, car seat, and two totes... did I mention I'm not a light packer?!  We dropped off the car with enterprise and headed to check our bags.  It was quite a trek with a baby and lots of luggage, but after many pitiful stops (sorry, Ben) we made it to the ticketing counter.  As we were about to head through security, Ben was checking his pockets when he realized he didn't leave the car rental keys in the car.   So, the lovely TSA agent allowed me to step to the side and wait for Ben to literally sprint the keys back to the car rental area (later I saw the several missed calls from Enterprise kindly stating that there was a large back up of cars because they couldn't move our car out of the way without the keys, lol!!).   I chatted with the TSA agent who was an adoptee herself and she shared about meeting her birth mom as an adult.  Ben made it back in record time and we proceeded through security.  
       Haven did amazing during both flights.  It was such an answered prayer.  I wore her in a wrap for the majority of the time and that helped keep people at a distance.  I fed her a little before both flights and then during the flights to keep her nice and full and sleepy.  She did so wonderful and we made it safely home after several hours of traveling.  She really is such a sweet, content baby so far!
my view from the flights 

Finally home at 12:45am 
Sweet welcome in our kitchen from friends 

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