Our week in Utah

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

    After being discharged, we headed back to the hotel to nestle in for the week and wait to be cleared to fly home.  I was really thankful to have a couple days to relax, rest, and love on our sweet girl before making the trek home.  We spent the week lounging in bed, taking lots of pictures, a little drive through the mountains and a newborn photography session (more on that soon).

she loves sleeping with her arms above her head

         Wednesday we got word that we were cleared to go home, however we had a court appointment for Friday morning, so we made travel plans to leave Friday afternoon.  Friday morning we headed over to the court house to meet our lawyer.  We left pretty early because we weren't sure how our commute in to Salt Lake City would be on a snowy morning.  Turns out we were an hour early and so we sat in front of what we thought was the right court room.  Time came and passed that we were suppose to meet our lawyer and so Ben called him.  Ended up we were sitting in front of the wrong court room for an hour, opps ;)  
          Luckily we weren't too late and reviewed some documents with our lawyer before heading in the court room.  Typically, we would go before the judge after our 6 month finalization period was complete.  However, we were lucky enough to get appointed a judge that allows out-of-state families come in early so that they don't have to travel back to Utah in 6 months.  Our lawyer asked us several questions about how Haven came in to our care and about our intentions to love and care for her forever.  Our judge was the sweetest man and just grinned at us throughout the entire hearing.  
           Over the next several months, we will complete post placement reports with our home study social worker.  She will insure that Haven is requiring adequate care and is bonding with us.  She will complete reports that will be sent back to our lawyer and after six months our case will be finalized in Utah and Haven will legally become our daughter.  

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