The Nursery

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When you are waiting for a match there is not much to do other than to pray and wait
There is one thing I've been working on for over 8 months to keep myself busy...
the nursery! 

There is so much in the nursery that has sentimental value to me.  
  1. Walls - painted 'em a light shade of gray. I decided to go with a yellow and gray theme to keep it gender neutral since we didn't know if we would be matched with a boy or girl. 
  2. Next project was this quilt. The quilt was the first sewing project I attempted with the sewing machine that I got for my birthday in April.  Talk about a big project for my first time sewing! Turns out it was a great learning project and required sewing dozens of simple triangles together.  By the time I got the top layer done, I felt comfortable with my machine and excited to take on the rest of it.  I love how it turned out!! 

3. After sewing the quilt, I sewed the crib skirt and curtains.  All the fabric is from Hobby Lobby. 

4. Next, I tackled the crib. That beautiful spindle crib was not only my crib as a baby, but it was the crib that all of my 4 siblings slept in.  It was a dark oak color when my mom gifted it to me, and I decided to attempt to paint it.  Hardest paint job ever.. well maybe 2nd hardest (see below).. At first, I tried to hand sand/paint it.  When I realized that this was going to take 20 years, I whipped out a can of spray paint and went to town.  Over 15 spray paint cans later, it was done, and I was in love.  Just don't look at it too closely otherwise you'll notice it's many flaws.. but from afar, it's a beauty.  

5.  After the crib, I decided to paint the dresser/changing table.  I bought this beauty of an antique from a friend who was selling a late relative's furniture and I got it for a STEAL!  It started out a beautiful cherry wood.  I decided to make my first attempts at refinishing and painting a big piece of furniture with this bad boy.  First, I used this great primer called The Zinsser 1-2-3 Bulls Eye primer that allows you to paint right over furniture without sanding.  I saw it on pinterest and prayed that I wasn't making a colossal decision that would wreck this lovely dresser.  To my surprise, it worked wonderfully and cut down on hours of sanding.  I topped it off with several coats of white paint.  I adore this piece and contemplated putting it in our master bedroom and giving her our old Target dresser ;).  This project wasn't without MANY headaches and hiccups, but several weeks later it was finished and I am truly happy with it. 

6).  Next thing I made was this mobile (thank you pinterest): 
*the sign above the bed was an item in our adoption auction.  After telling my mom how much I loved it, she bid on it and won it for me.  It's kinda perfect!  

7).  Next thing I added was a sweet gift from my friend Megan.  She scored two of these gorgeous yellow chairs at a garage sale the day we went out for lunch.  After sending me a pic, I of course professed my love for them.  A couple hours later she said, "I know you are doing the nursery in gray and yellow and after putting both of them in my living room, it's just a little too much yellow.  I'd love to give you one for your nursery."  Best gift ever! 
8) The art above the bed I made a couple weekends ago once we decided on a name.  I made it with scrap book paper and some mod podge.  

Here are some more pictures of the whole room and some details:

      I really love how it all came together.  It was a labor of love and in the end after fabric, paint, and buying the dresser, I did it for seriously cheap.  Yes, that's right, cute nursery on a small budget.  I'm planning to hang her Tree of Life once we fill in all the leaves, as well as some more to the walls eventually.  

      This room has also become my favorite place to sit, read my bible, and pray.  Before we were matched, I would dream about the baby boy or girl who would live in this room.  I can't believe in just a few short weeks that dream will be a reality!! 

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6 Responses to “The Nursery ”

BumbersBumblings said...

Gorgeous nursery! We are redoing our master bedroom in yellow and gray and I think I need a chair like that!!

Ben braly said...

Baby you did such a good job on the nursery. Don't you wish you hubby was more handy! ha ha

Stephanie said...

Love it!! So pretty :)

Miranda said...

I love love love it!!!! Grey and yellow are one of my favorite color combos. Love all the DIY projects :)

Kathryn Robarge said...

The nursery is gorgeous!!!

Paige Willingham said...

It's beautiful... you did such a great job.