Traveling and Dinner

Thursday, January 30, 2014

       Our day of traveling was full of lots of bumps, but in the end we made it to Utah in time to get dinner with C (expectant mom).  We woke up early and were out of the door after a few minor hiccups.  We had planned to park our car at a friends apartment who lives near the airport and then have him drop us off.  He ended up becoming very sick and didn't want to risk getting us sick.  So, we decided to drive to his place and catch a cab from there.  Ben called the cab company the night before to schedule for us to be picked up at 8:00.  That would give us plenty of time to get to the airport and through security in time.  Well, at 7:55 the woman from the cab company calls and says they are running short on drivers because of the weather and so they are still looking for someone to pick us up and she doesn't know how long it will be.  Really, 5 minutes before we are supposed to get picked up?!?  We didn't have enough time to wait on another cab and so we decided to drive to the airport and attempt to make plans for someone to pick up our car from the parking garage.  After a 10 minute trek in 5 degree temps, we made it inside the airpot.  I quickly shot out a text to our friends and my sweet friend Cherie offered to take care of our car.  THANK YOU CHERIE!
       The funniest part about our day was carrying around an empty car seat.  I had read some horror stories about car seats being damaged when checked, so we decided to carry it and check in plane side.  Every where we walked we got interested stares and several people asked, "where's the baby?!?" It was pretty funny :)
       We were close to missing our connecting flight, but by the grace of God made it there just as they were boarding.  Both flights were, thankfully, uneventful and we made it safely to Utah.  It is so beautiful here!  The mountains are all over and they are covered in snow and it is breathtaking!
        Tonight we met C for the first time and had dinner at good ole Applebees.  Ben and I have both been so calm today.  It's a peace that can only be attributed to one that God has given us.  Our dinner with C went so well and we spent lots of time laughing and sharing stories.  She is ALL belly and very ready to give birth!  It honestly couldn't have went better!  It has been such a surreal day!
       Shortly after leaving dinner we got a call from our case worker letting us know that C would like us BOTH to be in the delivery room!  That is such a HUGE answered prayer!  I wanted so much to be able to see little Haven come in this world.  Ben on the other hand is a little nervous he might pass out, but is also excited that she feels comfortable enough for us to both be in there with her.
       She will be induced first thing in the morning and then we will anxiously await Haven's big arrival.  I will be sure to announce via Facebook all the details.  However,  I will be unable to post any pictures until after C signs papers.   Please continue to be praying for us over the next couple days!  We are so appreciative of your prayers and definitely are feeling them all the way in Utah!!

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2 Responses to “Traveling and Dinner ”

Kristie said...

I am praying so hard for C, Haven, and you guys. I got to be in our birth mother's delivery room too and tried so hard to make it HER special day as she brought life into the world and gave us a huge gift. Praying!!!

Ashley Hall said...

so exciting!!! lots of prayers coming your way! Ill be looking for a pic ;)