Tree of Life Fundraiser

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tree of Life Fundraiser 

Whose excited about our first fundraiser?!? WE ARE!!

As I was brainstorming in my kitchen for some fundraisers we could do, my eyes drifted toward this:

It's our fingerprint tree guest book from our wedding.  Ben and I adore it! It was such a hit and now it hangs in our kitchen:

I got to thinking... what if we did a Tree of Life for our little one.  We could have folks donate $25 per leaf and then we will write their name on the leaf.  The tree will hang in his room and be a constant reminder of the people who helped play a part in giving him a new life and a family.  

So, I did a little etsy research and fell in love with this one @ Totally Salinda : 

I emailed her our story and told her my plan and she graciously offered to significantly reduce the price for me.  Check out her shop, she has really unique guest books.  

To participate, just click on the donate tab below.  For $25.00, you can help play a part in bringing home our little one.  For those of you who have already donated - I'm saving you a leaf :) 
Click the donate tab below to donate through paypal:

or to give a tax deductible donation visit:

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3 Responses to “Tree of Life Fundraiser ”

Jessi said...

I know its not a lot, but I hope our small donation can contribute to this huge journey the two of you are about to embark on! We will try to give more soon, but wanted to give a little now. Travis & I just had our first baby boy in March and I feel like if every person can feel the love that a child brings to you, this world would be a much better place. Here's to you feeling that love! Love always, Travis, Jessi & baby Luke Fambrough

Stephanie said...

Seriously love this, Leah!! That tree is amazing!!

Miranda said...

Just saw this on one of my favorite blogs. What a fabulous idea. I purchased my leaf. :) Happy Holidays!