One month old

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sweet Haven,
       We can't believe that you've been here for a whole month!  It's been such a sweet month and daddy and I are overwhelmed with how much we adore you!  This month you breathed air for the first time, flew across the country, went on a mini road trip, met both sides of your family, been on walks (all of which you have slept through) and have been to the doctor 3 times.  We've had lots of visitors and every one of them says you are even cuter in person.  We joke that your favorite accessory is your tongue because you are always sticking it out.  Sometimes at night or during a nap your daddy and I are so tempted to wake you because we miss you!  You LOVE to eat and are eating 4oz every 3 hours.  You hate being swaddled and prefer to stretch and sleep with your arms above your head.  Every morning you spend about 30 minutes staring at yourself in the mirror while mommy gets ready.  You are on a good schedule right now and are sleeping up to 6 hours stretches at night!  Your naps are another story and you'd prefer to sleep on your belly.  You still have thrush... it's clear as long as we are on medicine, but the second we stop its back, YUCK!  You are so close to cracking a smile, so close!  Your newborn clothes are finally becoming too small and we are about to move up to 0-3 month size clothes.  Daddy and I are praying BIG things for your life and hope you will shine His light brightly!  I also pray that you and I will have a deep, close relationship.  You are such a sweet girl and we are daily humbled that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy!  We love you little love!

Here are some outtakes from our "photo shoot" ...

Peyton wanted to help  

big yawn! 


modeling is exhausting!
adore this one! 
that belly!
she loves her daddy

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2 Responses to “One month old ”

Ashley Hall said...

she is too stinkin cute! I love watching your updates! it gives me such hope!!!!! I love her "falling" picture. I can hear her say ", im falling and I cant get up!" LOL

Leah said...

Thanks, Ashley!! It's soo hard to get a squishy 1 month old propped up for a picture, lol!!!