Our Love Story - He asks me out

Thursday, October 17, 2013

            One week later, after the young pros ministry, a big group decides to go eat at IHOP.  My sweet friend, Megan and I are excited to finally be getting plugged in and meeting new people.   We sit down, order our food and enjoy getting to know the people around us.  About 30 minutes in to the meal walks that guy from the pumpkin carving party.  He squeezes in just one seat away from me.  We all eat and laugh and have a good time.  As we leave, that guy asks us what our plans are for the weekend.  Megan and I shrug and he invites us to a party.  He asks for one of our numbers so that he can send details and I blurt out mine is xxx-xxxx.  (sidenote: I am not a bold person, not at all). 
            Friday rolls around and Megan and I attend a benefit event she has tickets for and decide to head over to the party after.  We socialize with everyone and have a good time.  That guy and I have a good conversation, but it’s short and sweet.  Then we all play that guy’s favorite game; the question game.  It’s a game where you sit in a circle and ask hypothetical questions and everyone goes around and answers. Questions like “what’s your biggest regret.”  Turns out that guy wants to play this game so he can get to know me better and ask deep questions fast without seeming like a creeper.  Before we leave the party, that guy asks what I am up to tomorrow and invites me to a going away party for one of his friends.  I feel a little hesitant to go to a going away party for a person I don’t know, but he assures me there will be lots of people there, so I reluctantly say yes.  I ask my friend Katie if she’d like to come along.  At this point in the game, I think he is cute and funny, but I’m not sure if he’s in to me or is just being friendly.
            Saturday night rolls around and Katie and I head to the party.  I bring along my “book of questions” because I really think that guy will like it.  The party is fun and there is lots of yummy food.  There are some awkward moments, like when they ask everyone to gather and tell their favorite memories of Matt (the man of honor for the going away party).  Umm… I don’t know Matt?  But luckily it never comes around to me.  What I do notice is what a strong community there is here.  People who really love, support, and push each other.  I’ve been looking for a community like this and I am excited to see it here. 
I have some really good conversations with that guy and tell him I brought this book I have called, “the book of questions.”  Since I left it in the car, we decide to go grab it.  Once we get to the car he says, want to go for a walk?  I say yes and off we go.  We spend the next 2 hours walking and talking about the Lord, our plans for the future, our dreams.  We even lay in the road (don’t worry, we were in a quiet neighborhood) and gaze at the stars and dream.  It’s crazy and it’s magical and I have butterflies.  Our dreams and goals are so similar and my mind is racing thinking, is this guy really who he says he is?  Because I’ve met some guys who seem to say all the right things are turn out to be real jerks.  It’s such a great conversation and I wish we could just talk all night, but I am feeling really guilty for leaving my friend Katie behind and so we decide to head back to the party.  Just before we reach the door, he stops and asks if I’d like to go on a date with him sometime?!?  I am taken back big time!  I am definitely super interested, but I just didn’t expect him to ask so soon.  Turns out he has planned to ask me out the whole night and even had some guys pray with him before we go for a walk… all details I am oblivious to, but find out about later.  We agree to go out Monday night. 
            I go home on cloud 9.  Did he seriously just ask me out?  Is this “the one”?  I mean it could be?  My mind is racing and I am freaking out… what am I going to wear?!?

Series disclaimer:  You are getting the highlight reel.  Our love story was truly special and such a sweet time.  But, let’s get real… We don’t always get along.  In fact, right now I may or may not be glaring at that guy across the living room because of an earlier argument.  Just want to keep it real :) 

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