Adoption Update

Monday, October 14, 2013

Adoption Update 

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of excitement and movement forward!  We received our profile books and sent them off to several agencies last week.  This means we could get matched at any time!!

You may be wondering how the process works...  The agencies that receive our profile will contact us with available adoption situations. In the email, they attach information about the expectant mom, her due date, medical/social history and her preferences for the level of openness for the adoption.  It also contains a breakdown of fees.  We are able to review the information and pray about whether or not we would like to have her view our profile. The expectant mom will then review several profiles and choose which family she would like to parent her baby. 

Also, because we are working with an adoption consultant, she sends us several situations weekly to consider.  We have already received situations in the last few weeks.  However, most fees were more than what we have in savings at this time.  

Fees vary anywhere from $20,000-$40,000.   You might wonder why there can be such a big range in fees and I had that same question myself.  The fees for situations vary depending upon the state the adoption takes place in and what the agency working with the expectant mom charges.  Fees go toward things like the expectant mother’s medical expenses, to counseling she receives before and after birth, to the lawyers who work to finalize the adoption.  There so many people involved in the process and each deserves reimbursement for their services.  

We are so excited to finally be at this place in the process and ask for your prayers and we consider situations and continue presenting.  This stage of the process is an emotional roller coaster, as we read about potential situations and decide whether to present.  We recently presented to a situation over the weekend and just found out we were not chosen.  It’s tough y’all.  Like really tough.  And I am sure there will be many more no’s before we hear that YES.  It's just hard not to get emotionally attached to potential situations.  Pray for our hearts during this time!

We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support and we move forward to this new stage in the process!  We are getting closer!!! 

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