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Thursday, September 5, 2013

For the last several months we have been finishing our home study.  A home study consists of physicals, background checks, fingerprints, interviews, and more interviews.  After months of paperwork we are finally paper READY! 

So what happen's next?
1) Finish Fundraising
2) Get matched with a birth mom

Our amazing adoption consultant, Tracie Loux, with Christian Adoption Consultants, made our profile book.  This book consists of pictures of us, our home, and gives information about our little family.  Our profile book, along with several other families, will be given to birth moms as they decide who they want to parent their child.  Once a birth mom choses us, then we will patiently wait until her due date.  In some cases, the baby is already born when the mother decides to place it for adoption.  This means we would have to jump on a plane to get our baby in only a few hours notice.  Or we would get matched earlier in the birth moms pregnancy and have several months before the baby was due.

Before we move forward with the matching process, we need to raise the remainder of our funds.  We have approximately $14,500 left until we are ready to be matched.  Because we could literally be matched hours after submitting our profile, we want to make sure we are fully funded before moving forward.  

We are planning to host a HUGE online auction at the end of September.  More details will be posted soon.  All I can say is you DONT want to miss it.  There are some really awesome items that will be auctioned off - sneak peaks of items will be posted soon :) 

Please be praying for us during this process as we work hard to save & raise funds and wait patiently for our little one! 

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