Auction: Wood Block Frame

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wood Block Frame

  • This is a 2" thick wood block frame that is 6" wide and 8" long. It has been distressed and decoupage in a pink, orange and red flower design. The wood block sits on its own with no need to hang on the wall. 
  • You can hang it by adding a hanger to the back. It does not come with a hanger. 
  • This wood block frame can be turned vertical or horizontal depending on the photo you want to display. 
  • The photo is held by orange painted and distressed specially designed knobs that you can loosen or tighten depending on if you want your picture flat to the surface or to show dimension. 
  • Frame shown has a standard 4x6 size picture. 
  • Shipping: additional $5.00
  • Additional Photo:

  • Many thanks to Lori over at FramesFromTheHart for donating this frame!  Visit the link to shop decoupage frames, boxes and ornaments. 

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2 Responses to “Auction: Wood Block Frame ”

Leah said...

**Don't forget to leave: BID, NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS**

Anonymous said...

$7.00 Matt Dye (
But only if the picture of the hottie on the right comes with it!

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