Auction: Child Travel Neck Pillow - Urban Owls Turquoise (w/ Turquoise Minky)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Child Travel Neck Pillow - Urban Owls Turquoise (w/ Turquoise Minky)

·      The Two Little Monkies Child Travel Neck Pillow will provide extra support and comfort while your child is relaxing or sleeping. It supports your child's head and neck without adding extra bulk behind their head and pushing it forward.
·      This pillow is made with a white cotton fabric with a colorful modern owl pattern on one side and is backed with a super soft turquoise minky fabric on the opposite side. 
·      This neck pillows is designed so the back of the pillow is narrower than the sides, which cradles your child's neck and allows them to lean their head back. 
·      Traditional neck pillows are a uniform thickness all the way around and tend to push the head forward, instead of allowing it to lean back, which is more comfortable while relaxing or sleeping in a sitting position.
·      Measures 10" wide by 10" tall
·      Fits toddlers starting around 2 years old until about 12 years old
·      Made with premium, designer cotton and high quality minky fabrics
·      Sewn with a heavy duty thread for added durability to the seams
·      Filled with non-allergenic poly-fil
·      Machine washable
o  Spot clean when possible. When needed, machine wash cold on a delicate cycle and air dry. Reshape when needed.
·      Shipping: additional $4.00
·      More images:

  • Special thanks to Andrea over at twolittlemonkies for donating this neck pillow!  Check out her shop for unique handmade items for your little monkey ;) 

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