Auction: Old Ship Diagram Poster (22x28)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Ship Diagram Poster

screen printed

   Hand-pulled screenprint of a ship diagram from a 19th century atlas, using high quality ink on cold press 140 lb hand painted white (tan paper shown above) watercolor paper. 
   Image modified to create a unique, vintage aesthetic. As such, many of the words are not completely legible. 
   Prints is hand made printed individually using a screenprint process, and the materials used are all permanent and archival. 
   Due to the printing process there may be tiny variations from print to print.
   Image size approximately – 18”x20” 
   Paper size – 22”x28” (standard framing size)
   Shipping: Additional $10.00

Additional Images:


  • Special thanks to Kyle and Courtney over at IScreenYouScreen
  • Visit link above for beautiful fine art posters and prints 

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8 Responses to “Auction: Old Ship Diagram Poster (22x28) ”

Leah said...

**Don't forget to leave: BID, NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS**

Kellie said...

$31.00, Kellie Kabza,

Anonymous said...

35, Sam Braly,

Jeff Koon said...

$45. Jeff Koon.

Matt V said...

$50, Matt,

Anonymous said...

60, Sam Braly,

Matt V said...

$65, Matt,

Anonymous said...

$75, Sam Braly,

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