5 Months

Monday, June 30, 2014

     Today you turn 5 months old!  Your sweet and happy personality shines through more and more everyday!  You have become very inquisitive and are always watching people and studying faces.  This month you started eating rice cereal and LOVE it!  It makes a huge mess and you usually end up covered from head to toe in it!  This month you gave us several nights of sleep through the night, but still occasionally wake for a middle of the night snack.  That cute little tongue is still your favorite accessory and you are always sticking it out for pictures!  You are rolling over and even sitting up for short periods of time.  You've discovered your toes and are quite fascinated by them.  You love to stand and when we say "stand up for daddy/mommy" you bobble around with a silly grin like you are so proud of yourself!  This month we celebrated Father's Day in the Outer Banks and you had fun laying and napping in your beach cabana.  We also had a short visit from Mimi and Uncle Colin!  You keep getting more beautiful by the day and have Daddy and I wrapped around your cute cubby fingers! 

Outtakes from our 5 month shoot:

Monthly review: 

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Unknown said...

your girl is beautiful! Reading your blog gets me so excited!! I can hardly wait! :-)