4 Months Old

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Havey Gravy Girl, 

Happy 4 month birthday baby girl!  You continue to be such an easy going baby and are generally happy unless you are hungry or tired.  You are full of smiles for whoever is willing to smile back.  This month you started giggling and laughing when tickled.  You are grabbing toys with your hands and bringing objects to your mouth.  You love gnawing on your hands and are drooling all over everything.  In the mornings you lay in your bed and talk and screech happily - daddy and I jokingly call you pterodactyl baby.  This month you moved into your nursery and are now sleeping in your crib.  Speaking of sleep... you sleep through the night a couple times a week, but are still waking routinely around 3:30 to get a middle of the night snack.  You took your first trip to the pool and beach and LOVED every minute of it!  You kicked and splashed and munched on your hands.  You would last about 20-30 minutes in the pool until you were utterly exhausted and needed to nap in the shade.  Mommy still loves taking afternoon naps with you and Daddy loves dancing and playing guitar to you.  Everywhere we go you steal peoples hearts and they are always commented on what an easy going and smiley girl you are!  Little girl, you bring us so much joy! 

Outtakes from photo shoot: 

Months in review:

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Anneli said...

She is SO precious!!!!