Saturday, December 7, 2013

Adoption Update

Our adoption has been nothing short of a roller coaster lately.

In the last week we’ve heard the dreaded words:  “we’re so sorry, she chose another family” twice.

It’s never easy to hear no.  I don’t think we fully understood when we started just how difficult this part of the process would be.  You receive information about a birth mom, her bio, and medical info.  You try not to dream about it being a yes, but you do.  All the “what ifs” race through your mind.  Every time the phone rings your heart jumps.   You tell friends and family because you want their prayers.  But, then in the midst of disappointment you have to send the dreaded text out:  she chose another family.  It’s hard not to get emotionally invested and to guard your heart through it all.

But, in the midst of the no’s the Lord has been so sweet and has showered us with peace and hope and reminders of His faithfulness.   We feel so sure that each of these no’s is leading us to that YES.  
We are hopeful that YES is soon.

Please pray for us as we continue to present to situations and wait for that YES!    

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