The Call!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The last few days have been a whirlwind of excitement as we prepare for our little lady.  We’ve had lots of paperwork to complete and documents to request.  Sleep has been limited as we rush to gather documents, but that’s just prep for a baby right?

Two weeks ago on 12/18 I found out about an adoption situation for an expectant mother that is due on 1/31 with a baby girl in Utah.  I called the agency to find out the details.  After talking with Ben, we agreed to submit our profile.  The matching coordinator said they planned to show her profiles that Friday 1/20.  So we waited patiently.  In the past, it could take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 weeks to hear back about whether or not an expectant mom chose us.  After hearing several no’s in December, I was trying to guard my heart and not expect it to be a yes. 

The weekend went by with no call.  With Christmas coming up, I assumed office hours were limited and that we wouldn’t hear until after the holiday.  Luckily Christmas and being with family kept us distracted.  The day after Christmas I decided to email the matching coordinator to see if there was any update.  She told me that C (the expectant mother) had told several families no and had narrowed it down and we were still being considered.  We were thrilled and so hopeful that she might choose us. 

Then, Friday night we received the call we’ve been waiting months for!  The phone rang and the caller I.D. read Utah and I looked at Ben and said “OMG it’s Utah” to which he replied, “well answer it!!”  To be honest, I don’t remember much of what she said after “she chose your family!”  I was jumping up and down in the kitchen while trying to remain composed on the phone.  We were shocked and so very excited.  One other thing that really stuck out was the matching coordinator asked C if she wanted to have a phone conference with us prior to officially choosing us, to which C responded, “nope I’m sure this is the family for my little girl.”  Talk about making your heart soar!!

Tonight we had our first phone conference with C.  We were both so nervous!  What if she doesn’t like us?  What do we talk about?  All those insecurities swirling through our heads…  Y’all it couldn’t have went better!  We love her!  We instantly connected and the conversation was easy.  She is super funny and kept us laughing throughout the whole conversation.  Even Ben said, “babe, she is funnier than me!”  :) We talked about her life, her interests and how her pregnancy has been going and she had lots of questions for us as well. 

We are just so excited!  Please continue to lift us and C up in prayer prior to the birth.  There are no guarantees in this process.  C can still change her mind at any point up until she signs papers 24 hours after giving birth.   Of course this would devastate us, but ultimately we want the Lord’s will to be done.   We are working with a wonderful agency that spends lots of time counseling the expectant mothers to ensure they understand the decision they are making and to help them work through all the emotions to reduce the risk of her changing her mind.  Also, our agency requires that we pay no fees until she signs papers, therefore we will not lose any money if she were to choose to parent.  We are choosing to love her and baby girl just as Christ would and trust that He will bring it to completion!

I will post more soon about some FAQ and about the process in Utah! 

Until then, please help us promote our iPad mini giveaway as we attempt to raise the remaining funds!  

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